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Yaesu FT-252 Amateur Radio Giveaway - American Radio Supply - Newsletter #117

Yaesu FT-252 Amateur Radio Giveaway - American Radio Supply - Newsletter #117



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Deadline to Enter is May 16, 2015
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Our Latest Winner Is..

Vinni Freetage, W8JVF
of Honolulu, HI

Prize: Yaesu FT-1900R


Important: Each giveaway requires a separate registration.

We want only to draw from those who are interested in the item being offered.

'Low-Loss' Coaxial Cables
High-Quality Cables | Tested & Inspected

RG-8X (Mini-8) • RG-8 • RG-213 • LMR400


Antenna Ferrules
(click picture for more details)

High-Quality Stainless Steel
(click picture for more details)



Photo: BS-150 / 2-Meter Base Antenna


UHF 'Feed-Thru' Connectors

High Quality • Machined Brass • Teflon (PTFE) Insulator
Available In Lengths: 1 to 12 Inches



Elecraft KX3 Accessories

American Radio Supply is your source for 'BNC' accessories for your Elecraft KX3




UHF PL-259 to SO-239
Use our high-quality snug-fitting, push-on, pull-off adapters to quickly disconnect your antenna feed lines prior to inclement weather such as thunderstorms.  These are also handy for field installations such as ARRL Field Day activities.  Keep a few in your ARES Go-Kit (Go-Box). The world's best low-cost highly effective lightning protection system!


Antenna Counterpoise Hub
Use this eight-point hub to build a counterpoise for your antenna. The hub is made from 0.100 (2.6mm) plated galvenzied steel. The outer diameter is 5" (127mm). The center hole accommodates most 5/8-Inch connectors such as a type N or UHF (SO-239).



We also operate
RF-Microwave Components


2015 JOTA Emblem Voting


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